Rolling Stone Top 500: #s 475-471

475: Sheryl Crow, Sherly Crow

Sheryl Crow is a brilliant songwriter and she really got to flex those muscles on this one, her 2nd album. All of her stuff is good, but this one is probably her best. It is a great bit of singer-songwriter rock from one of the best voices in the business. There are a lot of standout tracks here in addition to the hit singles it spawned. Frankly, it should probably be higher up the list.

If you listen to 1 song: If It Makes You Happy

474: Big Star, #1 Record

Big Star was a band whose influence well outpaces its sales numbers. In fact, the original version of the theme song from That 70’s Show makes an appearance on the album, a bit of trivia I was surprised that I didn’t know. There is a mix of both acoustic numbers and rock songs here, both played with the same expert precision This is a solid album from start to finish and well worth your time.

If you listen to one song: Thirteen

473: Daddy Yankee, Barrio Fino

I was a little hesitant to dive into this one. I understand its significance. After all, this is the album that introduced reggaeton to the masses. However, that genre is one that I have never been a huge fan of, and the few tracks from Daddy Yankee that I had heard from their radio play left me unimpressed. This is an ok album, and I understand its appeal. That being said, it is not for me.

If you listen to one song: Gasolina

472: SZA, Ctrl

I must admit, I had no idea who SZA was. I went into this one with no preconceptions and I was pretty impressed. She has a pleasant voice and is a pretty great songwriter. The lyrics are raw and introspective, and perhaps a little too candid. This is a damn solid album.

If you listen to one song: Drew Barrymore

471: Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow

This is a pschyadelic classic that captures San Francico’s Summer of Love scene brilliantly. Grace Slick has a unique and powerful voice and co-lead Marty Balin more than holds his own alongside her. “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit” are the standout tracks and the most well-known songs from the album for good reason, but there really isn’t a weak spot here. This one is definitely worth revisiting.

If you listen to one song: White Rabbit

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